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The Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum, Waseda University FY2020 Shakespeare Festival Theatre Course

If I Were a Woman: Gender and Sexuality in Shakespeare’s Plays

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Sae Kitamura
Sae Kitamura is an associate professor at the Department of British and American Studies, Faculty of Humanities, Musashi University. Following bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Tokyo, Dr. Kitamura went on to obtain a PhD at Kings College in London in 2013. She specialises in Shakespeare, the history of the performing arts, audience research, and feminist criticism. Her publications include ‘The Women who Enjoyed Shakespeare’s Plays: Modern Theatre and Reading’ (Hakusuisha, 2018) and ‘Sugar, Spice and Something Explosive: An Introduction to Feminist Literary Criticism by a Frivolous Critic’ (Kankanbou, 2019); while her translations include Caitlin Moran’s ‘How to Be a Woman’ (Seidosha, 2018).

This event will be held online.

In Shakespeare’s time, there were no professional female actors in London’s commercial theatres, and young male actors played the roles of women. How were gender and sexuality expressed in these types of performances? And how have these expressions been passed down and revamped in modern performances of Shakespeare? Considering the context that in early modern England plays were written on the supposition that they would be performed by all-male troupes, Sae Kitamura will use As You Like It and The Taming of the Shrew as guides to explore these questions.

Speaker: Sae Kitamura (Musashi University, Faculty of Humanities, Department of British and American Studies, Associate Professor)
Date: 27 October 2020 (Tuesday), 18:30-20:30.
Venue: Online
Capacity: 400 people (Hosted online, advance booking required; a lottery will be used to allocate tickets in the event of high interest)
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Application period: 16 September (Wednesday) – 14 October (Wednesday), 17:00
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Presented by: The Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum of Waseda University and the Collaborative Research Centre for Theatre and Film Arts

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