enpaku 早稲田大学演劇博物館



  It is our greatest pleasure to welcome you all to our Fall 2020 rotating exhibition, Inside/Out: LGBTQ+ Representation in Film and Television. In the three years since the Dreaming Media: TV Drama Exhibition was held in the spring of 2017, we have witnessed a dizzying series of changes in the Japanese media. These include dramatic progress in the visibility of sexual minorities in films and television dramas, and it is likely that the 2020s will witness the visual expression of a wider range of diverse genders and sexualities. Given this expectation, this exhibition was planned to allow us to take stock by looking back over the history of visual culture surrounding sexual minorities and, by tracing its trajectory from the past to the present, to reconsider the thinking and the methods of expression involved. We hope that our modest endeavour contributes to a richer and more diverse visual culture.
  As the exhibition opens, we would like to express our thanks to the Asahi Group Arts Foundation for their support; to relevant members of the film production, film distribution, film festival, and broadcasting sectors for the generous provision of materials; to all those involved; and to all those who contributed to, or cooperated in the production of, the exhibition’s catalogue.
September 2020

The Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum, Waseda University
Museum Director Minako Okamuro